Visual Identity Design


We worked with Atlantis to develop their future-looking identity.

In a market of financial products that can be incredibly serious (and boring), comes Atlantis with a fresh breath of air. Their products are modern, accessible and contextual; so the challenge for us was to communicate the same values through their identity.


Established in 2019, Atlantis is fintech company that builds finance products for consumers across India and South-east Asia. In their own words “Atlantis is committed to empower, enable opportunity and advance the financial well-being of our community through transparent and responsible product offerings.”



Identity Design for Atlantis

The brief was to communicate modern and future looking products. For the identity, we chose a similar path – smooth shapes, bright and inviting colours instead of the traditional blues and greens of finance and a forward looking mark.

The wordmark has a contemporary, round form which aims to feel modern and friendly, while still maintaining a corporate and reassuring edge.